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Thursday links: Thankful the Blues didn't let Adam Cracknell get away edition

It's Thursday. I'm off work tomorrow, so today is my Friday. Fuck and yes.

Blues news

  • Adam Cracknell has re-signed with the Blues/Rivermen. (Thanks to LuvHockey) [Blues]
  • DanGNR wants everyone to vote for the Blues fan awards. [Blues]
  • Also from LuvHockey: KMOX has a new weekly hockey show. [Twitter]

Hockey news

  • It's not 1993 in Montreal anymore. [Habs Eyes on the Prize]
  • The Flyers have turned some scrap heap players into key players. [From the Rink]
  • The Sharks want to get meaner and nastier, according to Pierre LeBrun. I saw the Blues try that against he Blackhawks. They got smoked. Here's an idea, San Jose: Play like the No. 1 seed and play like you did all year long. [ESPN]
  • The Oilers were really shitty, so guess what, they're going to try and rebuild through the minors and the draft. [TSN]
  • TSN wonders who is got it worse — San Jose or Montreal. The answer is San Jose because they lost two home games. There, I save you some reading. [TSN]

Other links

  • I'm sad that "Chris" isn't a real person. Still, his signs are pretty funny. [WebUrbanist]
  • Don't let anyone tell you rainbows are not manly. [BADASS RAINBOWS]
  • Oh McDonald's ... this is just dirty. [Gunaxin]
  • From Hildymac: The creepiest Olympic mascots yet. She mentioned Kang and Kodos, and even that image doesn't make them enjoyable. Sweet Jeebus. [The Guardian]


Even Jedi's can be assholes.

Peace out, homies.