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Friday links: Getting out of the way to let Casper drive edition

Friday. I'm off work. Let's celebrate.

Blues news

  • The Worlds are over for the Blues. [Blues]
  • Chris Mason didn't have a very good World Championship. [National Post]

Hockey news

  • Montreal beat Philly 5-1 to get back into the series. [TSN]
  • Henrik Sedin is the Sporting News player of the year. [TSN]
  • The Blackhawks are staying in hotels at home. No word if Patrick Kane is going out shirtless in limos to really recreate the road atmosphere. [ESPN]
  • Based on an article by James Mirtle, a look at Canadian goalies. [Behind the Net]
  • The turmoil in the front office in Tampa has taken the joy out of the summer for some Lightning fans. [Raw Charge]
  • What do you do when your team is out of the playoffs? Get really, really bitter. [From the Rink]

Other links

  • The guide to taking a better nap. [The High Definite]
  • Kid's books meant to warp kids are really the only kid's books you should have. [io9]
  • If you're on Facebook, you should have privacy settings. If you don't you're a moron. [Buzzfeed]


Dan wants some music for Friday. I can dig.

Lastly, my two best friends (Nate and the Red Wings fan) are in town this weekend. Shit's gonna go down.

That's all from me. PCS has the weekend shift. Send him stuff to gametimelinks(at)