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Top 11 Things Answer Man Would Rather See/Do Before Seeing The Blackhawks Win The Stanley Cup


11.    Star in a viral video called "Two Dudes, One Cup"

10.    Go Missionary with Answer Mom’s skank friend Phyllis…bareback

9.      Attend a Cardinal’s game

8.      Not shave his chest and groin

7.      Play goalie

6.      Never rock n’ roll all night or party ever-e-day

5.      Wear Dress "Slacks" without my fanny pack

4.      Work on his "finesse" game

3.      Sign up to only play roller hockey and not just for the cute pants they wear

2.      Pay for  pornography vs. wanking it to the homemade stuff Answer Mom gave him.  Can you say "Awesome 70’s Bush"?

1.  Move to South County