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The Late Night Poll: Yeah You Hate The Hawks

Look, I'll be honest about this: I like most of the Hawks fans I've met over the last decade or so. Actually, let me clarify: I like most of the Hawks fans I've met over the last decade except for the last couple years. Like any team that has sudden success, the bandwagon fuckers have come out and diluted the group. The old group drank way too hard and cursed way too much about the right amount and had a good feel for the give-and-take about the trash talk between our fan groups. Hell, they even spawned the Committed Indian (call it Second City Hockey if you must, but I know the paper version better) paper that is a pretty good version of our own.

Now, the fan base is full to the brim with annoying fuckers who don't know who Tony Amonte (let alone fucking Dirk Graham) is and think Jeremy Roenick is an announcer and Chris Chelios was a Red Wing.

Yeah, those people have made me hate the Hawks.

But you? Maybe you've got more history in this rivalry. Maybe you remember Mikita and Hull. Maybe you remember hating Probert. Or Magnuson. Or maybe it was Belfour.

Who knows? What I do know is that if you're a Blues fan and you utter the words, "I'm rooting for the Hawks," you will definitely hear about it from your fellow fans. You'd better anyway.

Whatever the reason, here's your late night poll. Make it happen.