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Mark Your Calendars: Game Time Meet n' Drink Set For Games 1 & 3

That's right, you can rub elbows with some of finest drunkest writers that Game Time has to offer.


Hockey Time is Beer Time



We'll be setting two dates for boozing and viewing during the Stanley Cup Finals. If your liver can handle it and you can make both, go for it. If you can only make one, that's cool, too.

The guest list isn't set, but there will be a fair representation of Game TIme staff at both events.

So join us, fair commenters, at either or both of the Meet n' Drinks.

Game 1

When: Saturday, May 29th 7PM.

Where: Bobby's Place (Valley Park, MO)

Having personally gotten hammered during game 4 (5?) last year of the finals while bullshitting with the likes of Cam Janssen and other Blues, I fully recommend the establishment operated by Blues God Bobby Plager. Doubt we'll be blessed with all the Blues players appearing again, but bring your sharpie and maybe you'll walk away with an autographed Page 5 from Chris Gift.


Game 3

When: Wednesday, June 2nd 7PM.

Where: Cousin Hugo's (Maplewood, MO)

This place comes at the recommendation of CrossCheckRaise who mentioned the possibilty of swinging us a drink special, but no guarantees. I've perused the website and their food and drink selections look solid for anyone at any price range. Also, if it's good enough for CCR, it's good enough for the rest of Game Time.


St Louis Game Time: Our editors can drink more than your editors