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Top 11 Euphemisms That Sound Like Darren Pangisms

11.  Snapping a bead. (Whoa, T.J. Oshie really snapped a bead there!)

10.  Punching the clown. (Oooohhhh, Jay McClement really punched the clown on that one!)

9.    The Ol' Wack 'n' Rack. (Howdy do! Chris Mason gave him the ol' wack 'n' rack on that one!)

8.    Spilling babies. (How about that? Andy McDonald just spilling babies everywhere with that move!)

7.    Snackin'. (Holy jumpin'! Brad Boyes out there snackin' that time!)

6.    Charming the snake. (My oh my! Roman Polak just charmed the snake there!)

5.    Trying to go blind. (Did you see that? David Perron trying to go blind down in the slot.)

4.    Ripping one top shelf. (Self-abusingexplanatory).

3.    Ruining Mom's Towels. (Wow! Erik Johnson just ruining mom's good towels with that play!)

2.    Checking the thermostat. (Oh me, oh my! Barret Jackman just checked that guy's thermostat down in front of the net!)

1.    Giving it the ol' Nine of Hearts. (John, I have to admit it, during the intermission I went down to our offices and game myself the ol' nine of hearts.I'm much more relaxed now, that's for sure!)


From the 12 Fluid Ounces of Gallagher's Brain