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Thursday links: Coping with last night's game the only way I know how edition

Look, friends, last night sucked. I've gotten used to seeing the Red Wings win but the Blackhawks? Ugh. But we're moving past that today. If you want coverage of the Blackhawks, go to Second City. If you want to move on with stuff that makes me happy, enjoy the links.

Blues news

That's it ... no more hockey news. Too depressing.


Other links

  • Healthy Scratch says names are overrated. [mental floss]
  • Keanu Reeves, the finest actor working today, is sad. He must have Chicago, too. [Sad Keanu]
  • Not all Frat guys are douches, but the ones who are ... holy shit are they terrible. And funny. [Total Frat Move]



Puppies, man, puppies. I got my first dog when I was in the first grade. I graduated college two years ago. Shameless (my mom named him after a Garth Brooks song) will be 18 in September. He is awesome, and so are other dogs. Enjoy some puppies.

You know what's good? Burgers. Milo found a great one.

More videos after the jump.

You knew I couldn't do a links of awesome things without Ghostbusters.