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F-You Friday - Yes We're Bitter Edition

Well the guy who started F-You Friday is up in the Great White North playing hockey. So I'm new at this. I hope I know how to get this started the right way.Obviously you know where I have to start.

Fuck you Blackhawks for winning the Stanley Cup. Like I could say anything else. And honestly, I don't even feel bad for how petty that sounds. We had kind of come to accept the Red Wings winning a few championships. Didn't like it, but also didn't let us sneak up on us and punch us in the groin. That's kind of what that Chicago championship feels like, a swift blow to the balls. Still stings.

Fuck you Gary Bettman for getting booed with the Stanley Cup. The Cup shouldn't be booed. It's too cool. But when lil Gary comes out with it, the boos rub off on Lord Stanley. And that's a shame. I've booed him the only time I've seen him in person, so I understand the sentiment. It's just a shame that his approval rating and the Cup collide like that.

Fuck you humidity. Swamp ass sucks, and the forecast predicts a whole weekend of swamp ass.

Fuck you oil spill. I love the Gulf of Mexico, shrimp, crabs, crawfish, white sand beaches, the Emerald Coast and vacations to the area. BP, you're fucking up the whole damn thing. Stop. It.

Fuck you Charter Communications. My cable company added more HD channels this week. Was Versus one of them? Hells no. Instead we got Bravo, the Hallmark movie Channel, Lifetime, Disney and Comedy Central.  When Lifetime begins broadcasting hockey games, I'll care. Which is never.

Fuck you clock on the wall for not moving faster on a Friday.

And finally, fuck you cancer. Kudos to the thousands and thousands of people who will descend on downtown St. Louis Saturday morning for the Race for the Cure. The Blues have had a nice effort in recent years organizing fans into a big team several hundred strong. And tell the humidity we're onto it.