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Saturday Links: Finding out if soccer can cure the hockey hangover Edition

From your Weekend "Noel Picard," (until the title changes, at least) enjoy my attempt at distracting myself from the BLLEEEEEAAAAAARGGGGiness (Absolutely a word I just made up) of the Stanley Cup Finals result.

Blues "News":

  • Gift passes along a link and inspires me to find one similar to it. Just in case you were wondering, "Boyes" and "Oshie" don't inspire some Wikipedia editors to think of hockey first. We don't get no respect, I tells ya.
  • And Jeff Gordon tries to see how the Blues can get to where the Hawks are now. This is a couple of days old and I don't blame Joe one bit for letting it linger. Consider this my first step towards getting better.

NHL News:

Other Stuff:


Joe has his dog videos. I have Keyboard Cat. Also appearing in this video, Helen Hunt , ecstasy, and "Hall and Oates."

Confused? Hell, I don't blame you.

And I'm off to go be interested in soccer for the first time in four years. Let's go USA!

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