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Interview with Blues 2009 First Round Pick, David Rundblad

David Rundblad answers some questions for Game Time, probably with this smile on his face.
David Rundblad answers some questions for Game Time, probably with this smile on his face.

Last week, Swede David Rundblad, the Blues' 2009 first-round pick, signed his entry level NHL contract. This week, he answered questions electronically for St. Louis Game Time. Technology is amazing. And what an eventful two weeks for the young defenseman.

I'd like to thank him  for taking the time to answer a few questions about himself and how he sees his future with the Blues organization. The Q&A follows.

Game Time : Being drafted in 2009, did you know much about the city of St. Louis at that time?

David Rundblad : Once I was drafted, I didn't know anything about the city, but now that I have visited St. Louis, it seems to me that it is a very nice city. 

GT: You're here in St. Louis for the summer to train, what do you think about the city and the Blues facilities?

DR: I haven't really had the chance to see a lot of the city. I have spend most of my time at the Scottrade Center, which I have come to find out that the facilities there are very nice. 

GT: You recently signed your Entry-Level Contract with St. Louis. What went through your mind when you finally became a part of the organization?

DR: I am very happy to become a part of this organization and will be very proud to wear the Bluenote in the future. It feels great knowing that they believe in me and want me to be a part of this organization, and down the road, a part of the team.

GT: Many are now asking if you plan on playing in North America or head back to play another year with your home club in Sweden, Skellefteå AIK?

DR: Next season, I will play with Skellefteå. After that, I will be heading over to St. Louis to give my game a try in North America.

GT: We know how you started on a down last year, how were you able to turn it around after coming back from the World Junior Championships?

DR : That's really hard to tell. I know what I can do, so I just continued to try and play my game. Eventually, as the season went by, I improved and was really able to play my game, the way I wanted to.

GT : What was better feeling, being drafted into the NHL, or scoring your first Elitserien?

DR : Hands down, being drafted. That has to be my best memory thus far in my career.

GT : What do you think you improved most on this past season?

DR: I believe I improved in a lot of different areas, but I think I most improved my game over the entire ice. The balance between the offensive and defensive side of the game.

GT: When can Blues fans expect to see you over in North America?

DR : I wont really be in St. Louis this coming year, but next summer, I will be spending a lot of time there, then like I said, playing in the states next season.

GT : Lastly, if you had to tell the fans in St. Louis one thing that would really amp them up about you and your game, what would it be?

DR: Hmmm...I'm not really sure, I guess we'll just let them wait and see when I am there.