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F-You Friday: Turns out officials are not very good in every sport edition

The guy who created F-U Friday is out on the left coast —he's going back to Cali for something. With Gallagher out of the picture, Mr. Brad Lee decided he'd rather torture himself and look at the Blues goaltending past. Missing the Big 2, someone had to step up and take F-You Friday. Enjoy.

First off, a big fat fuck you to Koman Coulibaly. I know, I know — it's soccer and this is a hockey blog. But this is my list and, you know what, fuck that guy. The US scored that third goal and no one knows why — dude wouldn't even tell the players what the call was. It wasn't offsides and the only fouls I saw were on the Charlie Browns. Fuck that guy.

Fuck you Montreal. How is it that you guys make a trade and your trading partner is a mere footnote? The Blues got the best player in the deal, and really the only name in the deal. Yet all the stories are about Montreal and Carey Price and not about how the Blues finally addressed the problem of the last 15 years?

Fuck you Chris Mason's agent, Tom Laidlaw. I know you're an agent and you gotta look out for your client, but what is up with this quote?

"We were moving along trying to get a deal done," Laidlaw said. "They gave us every indication they wanted Chris to be the guy. They owe Chris nothing ... he's a big boy ... but they led us to believe we were working toward a deal and they had to have some internal meetings. I don't expect them to say, 'Hey Tom, we're working on a trade,' but it wasn't the way I would've handled it."

What were the Blues supposed to do? You said you didn't expect them to tell you they were working on a trade, so what's the problem? The Blues, apparently, liked Chris Mason. They wanted him back if a deal for a better goalie didn't get done. What's wrong with that? It's not like they were lying to Mason — it sounds like he would've signed had Jaroslav Halak not been shipped to St. Louis. Get over it.

Fuck you Lars Eller. Nothing personal Lars — you seem like a good dude — but I like to win trades. You can't turn into an All-Star. If you have a Marty Reasoner career, I'd be OK with that.

Fuck you Cam Neely. Neely was recently named President of the Bruins. That's great. Good for him, but it just pisses me off. Neely was a big star for Boston and one of the most popular players in team history, it's great that hes involved with the team. However, the whole thing makes me think of Brett Hull. I still get pissed that he's "working" for Dallas and not St. Louis. The Blues have three statues — Hull, Al MacInnis and Bernie Federko — and two of three work with the organization. Only Hull is somewhere else. Sure he won the Cup in Dallas, but he became Brett Hull in St. Louis. He needs a fake title — make him a scout of something and get him out of the Dallas front office.

Fuck you rain. I'm tired of your shit. And you made my car smell like ass after I left the windows down one night. Not cool, rain. Not cool.

Fuck you Matt Holliday. Yes, it's baseball. Fuck you, I don't care. I'm tired of watching this lego-headed asshole suck. I hated the trade when it was made and the contract when it was signed — he's not a top-25 player, why are the Cards paying him like one? Now he's turned into the anti-clutch. Get better or get used to the boos.

Fuck you Lakers. I hate Kobe Bryant. Like young Marcus Jordan says, don't compare him to Jordan. Please.

Fuck you vuvuzelas. The vuvuzela memes have been hilarious, but cotdayum is that sound annoying. You don't have to play them all the fucking time. And you know some bro is going to try to bring this to the States. I can't wait.

Fuck you Blackhawks. Haven't forgot about you. Assholes.

Share yours in the comments, friends.