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Top 11 Things To Expect in the 2010-2011 Blues Season

As we see Doug Armstrong, Jaroslav Halak, Davis Payne, and at least a few others preparing for their first full season in their respective roles with the Blues, we also witness guys like Keith Tkachuk, Chris Mason, and (barring a massive discount) Paul Kariya preparing to embrace life without being on the Blues bench every other night.

It's safe to say there's a modest changing of the guard going on down at 14th and Brett Hull Way. Also, it's hard to imagine how different it'll look depending on what moves St. Louis does or doesn't make in free agency. I, however, am willing to brave the unknown and make wild and baseless prognostications as to what we, as Blues fans, can expect from this squad in the 2010-2011 season. Some of these are my legitimate predictions , some are only halfway serious, and some I just pulled out of my ass. You can decide which ones belong where.

11. Jaroslav Halak earns a spot on the Western Conference All-Star team. His "miked up" banter with the commissioner in the third period doesn't prove near as entertaining as Manny's did. His play in net for the rest of the season WILL be way more entertaining than Manny's play.

10. Davis Payne's hairline finds a way to back up even more during April's tax season/playoff push

9. Jay McClement doesn't tell anyone he's reclaiming #9 after Kariya leaves. He just takes it.

8. Red Berenson Cowboy goes sober. Just kidding.

7. David Perron scores another Goal of the Year candidate with his unstoppable Jordan tongue wag.

6. Ty Conklin can't get Chris Mason to quit texting him "Hey, what's Halak's favorite movie? Hey, you still got that cool retro hat? Hey, you remember when you grew that mustache? That was awesome."

5. The "We hate Mike Keenan, too" guy makes his presence known again during Brett Hull's statue night.

4. Cam Janssen quits asking TJ Oshie why spiders are having a meeting on his head. Instead, he asks Matt D'Agostini why he has a comma in his name.

3. Brad Boyes quits fiddling with the curve on his stick and gets back to scoring 30+ goals.

2. David Backes still beats the hell out of anyone on the 2010 Canadian Olympic team. Actually, he'll kick just about anyone's ass.

1. Playoff Editions of Game Time

From the burnt out mind of Poor College Student