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Saturday Links: Doug Armstrong's a swell guy Edition

Can I get one in a large?
Can I get one in a large?

And that's no slight to Jarmo at all. Gathering what JD said concerning the trade to acquire Tarasenko, the new GM seems to be sliding in just at the right time for the Blues to be start making moves to address holes by spending the surplus of prospects where applicable.

These gutsy moves to improve the team both short and long term will certainly be fun to watch.

Blues News:


NHL News:

Other Stuff:

  • I bet they hand out Vuvuzelas at the front door to hell. Fun fact: If you're watching a recently uploaded video on YouTube, the little soccer ball icon lets you add on a relaxing vuvuzela track on top of it.
  • Bionic cat. Yep, bionic fuckin' cat.
  • Sure, it's in Michigan, but it's BACON CAMP!
  • Playboy is in talks with Justin Bieber's mom. I suppose even being the parent of a YouTube celeb gets you attention. What the hell happens to this kid (and the family attached to him) when his voice changes? Schrutebucks to you if you still have no idea who Justin Bieber is.


This video was posted in the comments by a former NASCAR driver, unless he's still driving. I have no clue.

Get to know your picks! Here's some moves by Jaden Schwartz.

Vladimir Tarasenko. Enjoy.

Now I'm off to find some way to balance keeping up with the rest of the draft, the USA game against Ghana,  AND go to a wedding at 2. Ludicrous speed, GO!

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