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Monday links: Glad the draft is in the past edition

The draft is finally past. Now we can stop looking ahead so much and start focusing on the present. Can't wait until Thursday.

Blues news

Hockey news

  • A first-hand account of the draft that makes it seem exactly like I imagine it to be — boring. [Battle of California]
  • Can I afford Ilya Kovalchuk? No, I'm a lowly journalist. Who can? Find out. [Jewels From The Crown]
  • The Stars fans defend the terrible move of drafting a goalie in the first round. Poor Stars fans. [Defending Big D]
  • Marc Staal, the third most talented Staal, may not be back in New York next season. [ESPN]
  • The Blackhawks remembered to send in their qualifying offers on time this year. Good job, guys. [TSN]
  • The Flyers are talking to Evgeni Nabokov.[TSN]

Other links

  • Only spectr would pass along something like this: "Penis Copter Stops Russian Speaker." Probably not the safest for work since it's a flying dick, but still funny. [STREAKR HUMOUR]
  • Save some time, watch the Star Wars trilogy in gif form — done in what looks like Microsoft paint. So nerdy, so awesome. [the Whoa!]
  • Once upon a time, Lois Lane decided to become black in a totally non-racist or stereotypical way. []
  • The only good thing about SNL these days are the digital shorts. Here are some of the best. []
  • A site devoted to making fun of the stupid shit in catalogs. Giant abacuses? Really? [Catalog Living]


J-Mill offers some sound advice: Don't get in a starting contest with a Muppet.