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Late Night Poll: Free Agency Looms

It has been a few years since the Blues were in a position to be considered an attractive destination for free agents. Sure they managed to land Jay McKee and Paul Kariya, but those two came here after their beaming agents said something to them that made each of them say, "Wait, how much did you just say?"

Now the Blues are seen as a team on the rise and not just as a rebuilding team on the verge of making the playoffs. Despite some aggressive moves by new GM Doug Armstrong, the well is still quite deep in St. Louis. The opportunity exists to build a team that becomes a dynasty. St. Louis is becoming a place where free agents want to come.

  • There are dollars here.
  • There is a good young team here.
  • There is some sort of crazy-tall Arch here.
  • There is an East Side here.

In short, everything a free agent could want.

I've made my intentions clear in a post below (as has fellow writer Hildy), but what about you? Who do you want to see the Blues go after when the free agency period opens on Thursday? Let's go to the poll, shall we?