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Wednesday links: Free Agency Eve edition

Things are about to get crazy starting tomorrow. Tonight, relax and leave some cookies and milk out for an appearance by No Trade Clause. (I'll be here all week folks.)

Blues news

  • One of the newest Blues, Jaden Schwartz, is looking for a donor for his sister who is battling leukemia. [Blues]
  • The Blues are talking with Mike Weaver and Carlo Colaiacovo about new deals, but they might not get done. [STLtoday]

Hockey news

  • Mike Modano had the perfect ending to his career at the end of last season — except he's not ready to call it quits. Dallas has no need for an aging relic and is trying to move on, but Mike is ready to don his Mets jersey and stumble around in some other outfield to end his career. [ESPN]
  • Tyler Seguin should've thought twice when picking a jersey number. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]
  • It's every bloggers favorite move: Attack the mainstream media! Silver Seven Sens are fired up about Spezza and reporting. [Silver Seven Sens]
  • What will the Hurricanes do with Rod Brind'Amour? Hopefully dump him since his prime was a long time ago. [Canes Country]
  • Adam Oates is going to Jersey as part of the Scott Stevens compensation ... wait, that's not right. He's going to coach. [Canada]
  • TSN looks at the free agent forwards. [TSN]
  • Want to know what's going on as July 1 approaches? Click here. [TSN]
  • Dan Ellis and Dustin Boyd are going to Montreal for Sergei Kostitsyn. [TSN]
  • Tomorrows Blues hates these parents. Me too. [Puck Daddy]

Other links

  • Donut King is obsessed with Vuvuzelas. [Vuvuzela-Time]
  • CrossCheckRaise sends along a video so we all can improve out look — it's Blues themed eyeshadow! For some reason, embedding on this video was disabled. [YouTube]
  • This really should be everyone's default home page. [WELCOME TO INTERNET!]
  • Way back in 1980, some nerds wanted to know what was going to happen in Empire Strikes Back. To find out, the nerds called an hotline and listened to messages from Star Wars actors. These are the messages. Nerds. []


This video doesn't seem funny at first, but the crazier this guy gets, the funnier it gets.

This song was stuck in my head all day yesterday. Now I'm putting it in yours.