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Monday links: A dark cloud is looming edition

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Chicago is one game away from really pissing me off. Do something, Philly.

Blues news

  • Zip, nada, nothing, zilch.

Hockey news

Other links

  • The best shoes in history. [Gunaxin Humor]
  • People search for the dumbest things on google. Seriously these people are morons. [SEOLOL]
  • Cartoons without anything but backgrounds is surprisingly interesting. [Animation Backgrounds]
  • A massive sinkhole opened up in Guatemala. The internet went to work. [thefrogumblelog]


Milo passes this video along and wonders why hockey doesn't get cool/nerdy ads.

Star Wars™ Cantina 2010 / adidas Originals from Dominic Prevost on Vimeo.


I'm done for today. gametimelinks(at)