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Saturday links: Working on the weekend edition

Hello, friends. Weekend daddy couldn't get near a computer, and I'm sober, so you get me for you Saturday links. Enjoy.

Blues news

  • The Peoria Rivermen, and by proxy the St. Louis Blues, have singed a goon. Brennan Evans, who probably took up fighting because his name is Brennan, has signed with the organization. [Peoria Journal Star]
  • I'll be glad when the 2010-11 season starts and I don't have to read what a disappointing season the Blues had in 2009-10. []

Hockey news

  • The longer Bobby Ryan remains unsigned, the more damage it may do to his reputation and his relationship with the organization. [Anaheim Calling]
  • Bob Probert has his funeral today. Steve Yzerman delivered the eugoogly.[TSN]
  • Sergei Gonchar always wanted to play in Canada, so he signed with the Senators. Why not sign with one of the good teams ... you know Vancouver. [TSN]
  • The Ducks and Rangers traded some spare parts. Steve Eminger is going to New York while Aaron Voros and a minor leaguer are going to Anaheim. [TSN]
  • The San Jose Sharks pulled an awesome moved and signed Niklas Hjalmarsson to an offer sheet. Nice work, San Jose GM. [TSN]
  • Nikolai Zherdev, despite not knowing how to play defense and being full of potential, signed with the Flyers. [Puck Daddy]
  • For some reason, the Wild and Sharks are both interesting in Mike Modano. [ESPN]

Other links

  • A big story of the World Cup, besides the poor officiating, is Paul the Octopus. Apparently, he/it is psychic. Here is an interactive set that lets Paul makes decisions for you. Enjoy never having to make a decision again! []
  • The 21 most awesome mustaches really lives up to the hype. [Smosh]
  • People, who are mostly dicks, post stories and you, the reader, get to decide is the person is funny or a dick. [Dick Move or Funny?]
  • The pictures are very funny. [theChive]


Even as re-cut as an action movie, Arrested Development is still really funny.

Finally, Gallagher complained about the iPad yesterday, so this video kinda fits. From Mr. Milo is a video of a iPhone sycophant.

That's it for Saturday. I may be back Sunday, PCS may have found some WiFi at the lake. Who really knows.