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Tuesday links: I'll still call it Kiel edition

First the Kiel Center and now the Opera house. Not a good run for the ole Kiel name.

Blues news

  • Dave Checketts and friends are re-opening the Kiel Opera House. It will now be called the Peabody Opera House. Here's a thought, they changed the wrong word — opera needs to be dropped from the title. [Blues]
  • Nicholas Drazenovic has a new deal with the organization. He's on a two-way deal and expects to be in Peoria. I'm pretty sure he's better than Brad Winchester. [PJ Star]
  • Former Blue Rob Ramage is getting locked up. Ramage will be spending the next four years in prison for impaired driving the killed a man. [The Star]

Hockey news

  • Gary Bettman gets paid a lot of coin, but is he overpaid? Yes. But read PPP for a reasoned viewpoint. [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • The Blackhawks are matching the Sharks' offer sheet to Niklas Hjalmarsson. [TSN]
  • By matching the offer, the Hawks are in for more cap fun. Fun for us, not for them. [ESPN]
  • Mike Kitchen is joining Joel Quenneville in Chicago. [ESPN]
  • Ilya Kovlachuk has done nothing. Again. [TSN]
  • After turning a blind eye to PEDs and helping cancel a World Series, the NHLPA likes the cut of Donald Fehr's jib. [TSN]
  • Devan Dubnyk, who made the Blues look awesome, has a new deal in Edmonton. [TSN]

Other links

  • From CCR via a twitter find — he wasn't reading Jezebel for the celebrity gossip, honest — comes the periodic table of swearing. A lot of it is British, so the good Dr. might need to help us out. Still lots of good stuff. [Jezebel]
  • Want a weapon for the zombie invasion? RPC — Rocket Propelled Chainsaw. [Skull Swap]
  • This site routinely cracks me up. Today, six very solid reasons why you should ride a polar bear to work. After reading this, I really want a pet polar bear. [The Oatmeal]
  • Paul the Octopus is going out a champion — the prognosticating octopus is retiring. [ESPN]


uiwwildthing is a fan of Dan LeBatard's reaction to LeBron James' decision. I heard this during the weekend and enjoyed it as well.

Mr Particle says he can't go shopping without humming this song. It reminds me of South Park's "Let's Fighting Love" song.

I'm Audi 5000. Links will return tomorrow. gametimelinks(at)