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Friday links: Handicapping the press box derby edition

I'm back to close out the week. Hat tip to Poor College Student for filling in yesterday. Let's do these Friday links and then get ready for the weekend.

Blues news

  • Tyson Strachan has a contract for next season. In my eyes, he's the leader in the press box derby. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
  • T.J. Hensick and Ryan Reaves, AHLers, have new deals with the organization. [PJ Star]

Hockey news

Other links

  • Hand-written notes pack more of a punch. Some are very funny. [manofest]
  • Was the slightly off-center link from earlier this week too tame for you, how about the revolving internet? The music really sells the craziness. [the revolving internet]
  • People complaining about commuting does two things to me: 1) It makes me laugh. 2) It makes me thankful I walk to work everyday. [Commuter Contempt]
  • The generation before me failed. The aughts was supposed to be awesome with space-age house. I live in apartment that's 100-year-old. [WebUrbanist]


Found this video on accident. I may have shown it here before, but I can't remember. Even if I have, it's still awesome.

That's it for this Friday. PCS has the weekend. Be good to him.

F-You Friday coming up later.