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Saturday Links: If Jay doesn't want #9, maybe Oshie gets himself a big boy number Edition

Or maybe he steps up and takes #7 like he wore at NoDak.

Links are going in the can a little earlier than usual. If something happens around the 10PM hour on Friday, post it in the comments.

Blues News:

  • has the Fight of the Year: Janssen vs. Lablond.
  • You heard it here first: Jeremy Rutherford says he "doesn't think" Silent Jay will go back to #9 if when Paul Kariya doesn't come back, via Twitter.

NHL News:

Other Stuff:


Spectr17 has the video for today, explaining the origins of the vuvuzela. Oddly enough, this guy sounds like Jacob Silj, noted sufferer of Voice Immodulation

And boom goes the dynamite.

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