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Monday links: The dog days of summer are boring edition

I don't often use the links as my personal soapbox — who I am kidding, I do it every single day — but I implore you all to get see Inception. It was, hands down, the best movie I've seen in years. And yes, Gallagher, I enjoyed it as much as Ghostbusters.

And now, some links to get you through yet another Monday.

Blues news

  • Not much going on for the Blues. If you want, you can read my latest SBNSTL piece on restricted free agency. You don't have to, my feelings won't be hurt. [SBNSTL]

Hockey news

Other links

  • A burger made out of bacon instead of ground beef. Go on ... [Wired]
  • Some animals are cooler than others. Notice how there are more pictures of dogs than cats? I rest my case. [theChive]
  • Ever wanted Twitter in pictures? Wish granted. [Twaggies]
  • Slinkys are terrible, terrible toys. [The Oatmeal]


It feels like a Muse Monday, no?

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