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It's F-You Friday. So Guess What?

Fuck you to anyone in Blues management or their "media wing" who feel the need to talk down to the fans who want nothing more desperately than for this team to take the next step. Saying shit like, "Were [you] honestly thinking this team was going to be a player...?" does nothing but indicate that you think you're smarter and we're dumber. Yes, we thought the Blues could be a player. They have the need, they have the roster room, they can add him without approaching the high end of the cap. Why wouldn't we think they'd be a player, Mr Condescending?

To continue the thought, when you say that, "he's not the right player for this organization at this time," well, that makes us think that maybe we're being treated like the kids at the folding table on Thanksgiving. When would an explosive scorer in the prime of his playing years (using Doug Armstrong's own "26-31 years old" logic) be a better fit for a team that is just starting to see its window of playoff contention open? Later, when he's older and less productive? I don't see it your way, Blues, and the decision isn't up to me, but fuck you for treating me like I'm not quite ready for the grown-ups' discussion.

Fuck you local radio. My Sirius radio broke this week and I've been trying to listen to local radio in my car all week. I've come to the conclusion that I'd rather listen to road noise than 95% of the shows being broadcast in this town. For one, I find it hard to believe that there are more NBA fans in this town than Blues fans, but how is it that everyone spends more time talking about basketball on NHL Free Agency day? LeBron ain't coming here. Second, if you don't know anything about the Blues, you're better off just saying that then trying to fake it by starting a "Blues" discussion and then immediatly saying, "It's just like the Cardinals...."

Also, learn to cut off some of these callers. If I hear one more caller start off with some nonesense like, "While I tend to agree with Doug Armstrong most of the time, but I also tend to not agree with him too," I'm going to fucking kill someone.

Fuck you safety. I'm getting more fireworks than I can fucking carry today and then I'm gonna spend the next three days trying to blow up my whole neighborhood. If I lose a finger in the process, so be it.

Fuck you Blackhawks. Nice roster bitches. 12 NHLers under contract? Sweet.

Fuck you Red Wings. Mike Modano coming aboard? Nice to see the last gasps going out of your body. Now I just can't wait until Nick Lidstrom retires and you're truly dead.

There, I feel better. Feel free to blow off steam with your own F-Yous in the comments.