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Media Bracket: Rutherford vs. Knott

Welcome to the official Game Time St. Louis Blues Media Madness Tournament of Champions Bracket Bag Of Fun Times...whatever. We kick this off today with two votes with the first coming now, the next later today. It should be interesting.

Polls will be open 48 hours for the first couple rounds. We'll only have these up during weekdays. The comments are your bully pulpit to make a case of voting one way or the other. Go on a crusade for the candidate you like. Get creative. Whatever. We'll consider making up some sort of fake prize for being the most liked (least disliked?) media person in hockey fan circles in St. Louis. You know, if the lucky person acknowledges our existence. All I know is, we're creating resume fodder for "Other awards: made semifinals of hateful online voting of mainstream media sports journalists as judged by hockey fans.

With that, we get one of the No. 1 seeds out of the way now.

No. 1 Seed in the Bob Burnes Group
Jeremy Rutherford - Blues beat writer for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.


J.R. as many fans and his colleagues call him has been with the Post-Dispatch for several years but beat writer for the Blues since the team returned to play after the lockout that killed the 2004-05 season. His Morning Skate Blog has been a vehicle for posting the Blues' lineup, starting goaltender, injury news and general goings-on during game days. His online interaction with fans built on the efforts of former beat writer Derrick Goold. His most recent assignment before the Blues was covering the University of Illinois. Rutherford has also hosted a radio show on KFSN 590 AM with former Blues tough guy Reed Lowe.

No. 8 Seed in the Bob Burnes Group
Rene Knott - Sports director for KSDK-TV


Knott joined the Newschannel 5 news team as sports director in early 2004. He previously was the sports anchor for WJLA in Washington D.C. As part of his duties at the station, Knott hosts several Cardinals-related programs since KSDK shows about 25 games a year (ending this season). He also co hosts the Sunday night Sports Plus program that often has features about the Blues. On Saturdays from 10 a.m. to noon Knott can be heard on WXOS 101 ESPN hosting the 314 Sports show.


That's it friends. Campaigning down below where you can influence the vote.