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Wednesday links: So now the NHL decides to reject cap-circumventing deals edition

How come the league couldn't have done this last offseason with the Blackhawks and Marian Hossa. We could be living in a world where the Hawks are still cupless, but no, the NHL finally decides to address the issue that's been festering for years too late. Good job, NHL.

Blues news

  • Mandi Schwartz, sister of St. Louis Blues first-round pick Jaden Schwartz, is still fighting cancer and still needs a stem cell donor. [NHL]
  • Matt McIlvane has a two-way deal with the Peoria Rivermen and the Bloomington Prairie Thunder. [Pantagraph]

Hockey news

  • So this happened: The NHL decides to finally close to long-term contract loophole after allowing teams like Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago and Vancouver to exploit it and has voided Ilya Kovalchuk's mega-contract. [TSN]
  • Maybe, just maybe, Lou Lamoriello should have shut it mouth. [Canes Country]
  • The Devils might be levied with a cap reduction for violating Article 50. [Jewels From The Crown]
  • If you like reading legal jargon, here's how the NHL decided to void the Kovie Kontract. [From the Rink]
  • Jason Spezza talks about trade buzz. Really I just needed a non-Kovie story for the links. [TSN]
  • A look at some of the NHL's unbreakable records. [Puck Daddy]

Other links

  • A hockey blog tries to find the most hipster city in America. Good friend Nate lives in one of the cities and plays concerts in another. Draw your own conclusions, friends. [Behind The Net]
  • Playboy is launching a safe for work website. Kinda defeats the point of Playboy, eh? (Hat/tip to Milo). [Yahoo!]
  • A graphic look at Craigslist. []


Gallagher thinks he may be the only person to find this video funny. It made me laugh, so that's two. Language is foul. And I can't work copy and paste. Anyway, I found this video a few days ago and it made me laugh. Bugs rapping was too funny. Then I found out Jay-Z wrote the lyrics. Great story, eh?


More media voting later on today. Come back and vote. Also, Gallagher comes out of the closet writes a fan letter to Matt Walker.