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Blues Buyer Beware

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Sometimes you find sweet items on eBay. Sometimes you find sweet items on eBay that everyone else in the world knows about and then get too expensive. Sometimes you see something on eBay that you think is garbage but you know someone else is about to get duped into buying.

And then sometimes you see stuff like this. Buyer, please please please, beware. Be. Ware.


First off, check out the listing. The description says, seriously, that this is a "USED" jersey. Oh, it's used alright, buddy. Never mind the fact that this jersey went out of use on the ice back in 1998, a full decade before Alexander Steen ever played for the Blues.

Second, I don't want to be too judgemental, but do me a favor, eBay seller, and don't tell me what a "Hockey Babe" looks like. The NHL has enough image issues and though I can guess which person you mean, looking at your picture I'd have to say your picture is a No, No, No, No, Maybe for the five folks in your picture.