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Media Bracket: O'Neill vs Sharpe

Four-five seeds are always tight and an upset isn't really an upset. That said, this matchup is ripe for an upset. As always, push your pick in the comments and keep people from voting for the opposition. Points awarded for your creativity. Or at least a fistful of StanleyNickels.

As with the earlier capsule, the content for this afternoon's content is straight from Brad Lee, GT PR Guru. All props to him for being so objective and informative on these.


No. 4 Seed Dan Kelly Group

Dan O'Neill - Reporter/columnist St. Louis Post-Dispatch


A writer for the Post-Dispatch since 1985, O'Neill has worn several hats in the sports department. He has been the paper's primary golf reporter for some time. When golf isn't a priority, he's assisted in coverage of the Cardinals and is one of the primary relief writers when beat reporter Jeremy Rutherford gets time off or cannot be with the team. He has written some opinion pieces about the Blues as well as long-form feature stories such as a recent piece on former Cardinals manager Whitey Herzog. He also is credited with writing the book "Sportmans Park: The Players, The Fans & The Game."

No. 5 Seed Dan Kelly Group

Angella Sharpe - Radio host KFNS 590 AM


Better known to many Blues fans as the host of in-game entertainment at the Drinkscotch Center, Sharpe is now the lead host for The Late Night Score radio show on KFNS. She was also part of the now defunct Fan Show on KPLR-TV and has been a Fan Girl for the radio station. While the radio show just started July 1, its first guest was Blues player Cam Janssen. She has promised more player appearances on the show which is broadcast live from restaurants and drinking establishments across St. Louis. She is the only woman in the tournament of St. Louis sports media that covers the Blues.