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Bracket Matchup: Federko vs. McKernan

After today we'll be half way through the first round. This thing is FLYING by.

Remember, we're trying to find the most popular mainstream media people in St. Louis who cover the Blues. Do your campaigning in the comments. Take a stand, change some votes. On to the matchup.

No. 2 Seed Bob Burnes Group
Bernie Federko - Commentator Fox Sports Midwest


Federko is credited as being the first drafted and homegrown player for the Blues to make the Hockey Hall of Fame. While he ended his career with a brief stint in Detroit, Federko will always be remembered for his long and steady career in St. Louis. He was the first player to have a statue built to commemorate his career. His No. 24 hangs in the rafters of the Drinkscotch Center. After spending several seasons as the color commentator on Blues television broadcasts, last season saw Federko move down to a spot at the end of the Blues bench for occasional analysis during home games and into the studio for road contests. He's also been in a number of television commercials.

No. 7 Seed Bob Burnes Group
Tim McKernan - Radio host KFNS 590 AM


The St. Louis native first entered the local media scene as a sports reporter and weekend anchor for KMOV-TV. He later joined KFNS radio and eventually left television. At nearly the same time, he started the website. Now his online company owns the airtime for his show The Morning After as well as the airtime for two other shows on KFNS (a model he first started at KSLG 1380 AM). Keith Tkachuk has been a featured guest on McKernan's and has hockey as a frequent topic on his "Ham and Eggs" morning radio show. Full disclosure: one of the people who run the Game Time website wrote about the Blues for InsideSTL during the 2008-09 season.


One more vote today. Polls close 48 hours after posting. Happy voting.