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Saturday Links: Asleep at the switch Edition

PCS sent out a burst transmission yesterday asking for help pulling the links together this morning. I think so many people said that they could do it all at once that none of us actually realized we were supposed to do it.

Like a well-oiled machine, this place.

Here are your links; the good ones courtesy of PCS, the terrible ones courtesy of gallagher, who is awful at this sort of thing.

Blues News:

NHL News:

Other Stuff:


It's the Spectr17 show for today's videos

I think we all like drinkin' beer.


I've always wanted to be part of a blog that linked to this sort of thing. Why? I'm not sure at all.

Side note: Spectr, how'd you find this?



More links tomorrow, though I have no idea who will be doing them. Whatever you have, send it along to gametimelinks [at] and get your name (or internet equivalent) up in lights (or at least printed on a website).

Also, our psychic seems to think that if you check back later today there might be some new content for you. And our psychic is pretty good.