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Wednesday links: Eagerly awaiting the first appearance of Halak in a Blues jersey edition

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You know, the Blues third period collapses aren't so bad after watching the Cardinals last night. The Cardinals gave up a nine-run ninth inning to lost 12-9. That was just terrible. Luckily, we have Jaroslav Halak to save the day and bring us good news.

Blues news

  • Jaroslav Halak has a new four-year deal. He better be good, or those are going to be a long four years. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
  • Knock, knock. Who's there? Killa Cam. Mr. Cam Janssen, the pride of Eureka, signed a one-year deal to stay with his hometown team. [The Windsor Star]
  • The Blues make it official: Carlo Colaiacovo will return. [USA Today]
  • This is a few days old, but Jeff Gordan takes a look at every player the Blues have. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
  • Our Puck Father, who art in DC, writes about our savior in net. [Puck Daddy]

Hockey news

  • Quisp from JFTC has been killing this Ilya Kovalchuk situation. Seriously, I enjoy reading this stuff every day. [Jewels From The Crown]
  • Mike Modano, who has spent his entire career with the Stars and ended last season in an emotional farewell, may retire ... or go to Detroit. [Defending Big D]
  • No more GM Palace in Vancouver. Instead, the Canucks will under perform in "Rogers Arena."[Nucks Misconduct]
  • The Bulin Wall is not the best nickname of all time. CuJo is better. Walt is better. Dutchie is better. i could go on. [Puck Daddy]
  • Nashville has signed Sergei Kostitsyn to a one-year deal for less than the Blues are playing Cam Janssen. [TSN]
  • Bob Probert's funeral will be Friday. [TSN]
  • Bill Guerin wants to keep playing, but who wants him?[ESPN]

Other links

  • This Web site ... i mean website (curse you, AP Style) is just birds in hats. That's it — birds in hats. [Something Awful]
  • Amazon reviews can be pretty awesome. Is Alan E. Schmidt the real name of the Answer Man?[]
  • Some beers have better names than others. [manofest]


Hildymac sends along a video of a man who is amazed by nature. I lived with a dirty pot-smoking hippie in college. He was never this high. That's some potent chronic this man is on.

And now I'm off to celebrate my day off. Send me stuff at gametimelinks(at)