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Friday links: LeBron James joins the Miami Heat edition

Just trying to help the ole links get more hits thanks to the google algorithms.

Blues news

  • Some people who claim to know hockey discuss the Jaroslav Halak contract. Dan O'Neill thinks Chris Mason is a better goalie. Dan O'Neill really needs to stick to golf. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
  • Jeremy Rutherford chatted. He's not a fan of Matt D'Agostini and says Erik Johnson is selling his condo. [JR Live]
  • Alex Pietrangelo is getting stronger in hopes of making the Blues for longer than eight games. [Blues]

Hockey news

  • LeBron James to Miami is bad news for the Panthers? Apparently. I thought being the Panthers was bad news for the Panthers. [Litter Box Cats]
  • John Tavares will be going into year two. Will he pull a Steven Stamkos? The Islanders hope so. [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • Shea Weber, perhaps the best d-man in the NHL, will be the captain of the Predators for next season (and beyond). [TSN]
  • The Kings have said no to Ilya Kovalchuk, and they mean it. Until they don't. [TSN]
  • Eric Fehr has a new contract with the Capitals. [TSN]
  • P.K. Subban has been recognized by the AHL. [TSN]
  • Ilya Kovalchuk is still a free agent. [ESPN]

Other links

  • Some nerd covered his toilet with comic books. Not just any comic, mind you, but X-Men No. 1. [Gamma Squad]
  • Ever wanted a sandwich in a can? No? Well someone did. [Eater National]
  • True story: I once watched as a woman shit herself in the meat section of Wal-Mart. She gasped then said "I just shit myself" as her green pants suddenly became darker. It was a-fucking-mazing. Anyway, Wal-Mart is an amazing place to people watch. [theChive]


This video from hatrk219 is just insane. He says this is his city in the video and I wish I knew where it was so I could go there and meet this guy.

Struttin That Ass - Watch more Funny Videos

That's it for today. I may have the weekend shift — I think PCS is in the Ozarks doing relaxing things. If that's the case, you all get me for two more days. If not, enjoy the musical stylings of Poor College Student.

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