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Wednesday links: Hoping someone asks Davis Payne a question about taxes today edition

When Davis Payne looks like an accountant jokes get old, I'll stop writing.

Blues news

  • The Rivermen have a hard-nosed veteran d-man to fill out the corps. Dean Arsene has been signed by the organization, and judging by his pic, he's a badass. [PJ Star]
  • Davis Payne will be in Belleville today to talk pucks, not about your 401k. [BND]

Hockey news

  • The NHL is looking into some of the cap-circumventing deals after winning the Kovie Kase. [TSN]
  • Jerry D'Amigo (who?) is going to the Leafs. [TSN]
  • In Lou looks at the NHL and long-term contracts. [In Lou We Trust]
  • Quisp looks at the Devils and Zach Parise. [Jewels From The Crown]

Other links

  • NatetheGreat loves Mario, which explains his affinity for this supermarket display. I gotta admit, that's pretty cool, even if it involves Pepsi. [Neat O Rama]
  • Wikipedia is full of nerds who like to fight over nerdy stuff. Here are some of the best fights. [Information is Beautiful]
  • Death is always pretty sad, but I have to chuckle over a guy killing wedding guests after firing his AK-47 in the air. I guess it wasn't a Good Day. Side note: And people thought I was bad for lighting fireworks inside. No one got hurt when I did that. []


From Maverides: Someone really, really wants Chicken McNuggets. At 6 a.m.

That's it for me today, and for the week. PCS will take you on a ride for the next four days. Pack your party pants.