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Thursday Links: Viva Conroy! Edition

The only hockey news that's remotely linkable involves two ex-Blues, hence the omission of the Blues News category.

NHL News:

  • Is there anyone here who didn't love Conroy when he was wearing the note? The former Flames cap'n has signed a one year deal with Calgary.
  • Pronger's early season status is up in the air because of his knee. Maybe if he was able to play in the Finals on 2 knees at 100%....nah, no use playing the "what if" game. Now I made myself sad.

Other Stuff:


Even if it didn't happen in St. Louis, this is one of my favorite Craig Conroy moments. Keep an eye for a great moment in Blues history along the "bottom line" nearish the 15 second mark.

Now I'm pining for the days of the "Two Scotts and a Conny" line. I'll tell ya, sometimes the links just make me plain nostalgic.

Since I'm leaving you with a whopping 5 links, let's generate some discussion:

Who's your favorite "under the radar" wearer of the Bluenote (from any time period)?

In no certain terms, I'm talking about a bottom 6 forward, a last pairing D-man, or a backup goalie. Interpret it however you like, but digging up some of the lesser known or less appreciated Blues should be fun at an establishment such as this.

As for me, it's Tom Tilley, for no other reason than he slapped me "five" like he meant it coming out of the tunnel at the old barn.

I was four or five and mom had tickets from a season ticket friend who couldn't use them. Apparently, said STH called their usher friend and told them to wave me over as the Blues took the ice after intermission to stand next to the tunnel. Of course, when the man told me to stick my hand out I was dumbfounded when I found myself making contact with the gloves of Hull, Cujo, and others. However, when Tilley bumped my hand, I noticed he was actually looking me in the eye and muttering "Let's get 'em, dude!" as he went back out there. Damned if I knew whether or not he was talking to me or a teammate, but that Poor Grade School Student was one happy camper for the rest of the night. And for anyone who cares, we tied Toronto 5-5 that night.

That's it for me. Tell us about your favorite former "underdog" Blues in the comments.

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