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Saturday Links: Preparing for Gallagher's better than last year Edition

Tonight, Gallagher is having the GT paper and blog staffers over to the GTHQ to drink heavily and eventually TP Tim Peel's house. Last year, I made a responsible decision to let Chris Gift talk me into a Camo 2x4 after a couple of beers. Since then, I've become one year smarter and learned from my mistakes. So you just try it, Gift. I triple dog dare you.

Blues News:

  • DanGNR has a screen capture. I humbly submit it is one of the greatest innanets of all time. This one might need to be resurrected as a FanShot if you can't pull it off with your equipment. Let somebody know in the comments if you can't see it. (Editor's Note: I'll try and swing this into a FanShot by tomorrow. If someone beats me to it, well, one Schrutebuck for you.)
  • David Perron will be chatting on Tuesday.
  • Missed this one yesterday. Cam compares fighting to whatever those donnybrooks in baseball are called. (Editor's Note: Now with 100% more of the actual link!)

NHL News:

Other Stuff:


Most people have an idea or image in mind of what a "Crazy Cat Lady" looks like (or maybe they know/are one). Henceforth, this will be your idea of a "Crazy Dog Man"

Depending on my condition when I get back to the Weekend LinkCave, Sunday Links may be more of an afternoon thing. Stay tuned.

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