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Wednesday links: David Perron is everywhere edition

Is Perron trying to become the face of the Blues? Maybe.

Blues news

  • David Perron chatted with his people today. [Blues]
  • Speaking of Perron, he'll be in Bridgeton tonight for the KMOX radio show. [Blues]
  • From CCR: T.J. Oshie is one of five players to watch in 2010-11. [The Hockey News]

Hockey news

Other links

  • North Korea is on twitter. Hilarity ensues. [The Smoking Jacket]
  • A list of 20 awesome monkeys. Why stop at 20? Who knows. []
  • I'm not a fan of Iron Maiden, but when I see Eddie I think of Roman Turek and I get sad. I hope I've ruined Eddie for you. [Gunaxin Media]
  • Crabs like to smoke cigarettes. Who knew? [I Heart Chaos]

Journalismy links that me and maybe Brad and two other people will read

  • From Donut King: The great Jesusback, Tim Tebow, is so revered that even media folks were asking for his autograph. Legit? Short answer: No. Long answer: Fuck no, that's a Day 1 Journalism 101 lesson. [Shutdown Corner]
  • A reporter in Arkansas was fired for wearing a Florida Gators hat to a Razorback press conference. Should she have been fired? No. Should she have worn the hat? No. Simple fashion choice, kid. Remain objective looking. If you're covering college football, don't wear college football stuff to work. [On the Forecheck]


EDIT: Forgot one. Oh well, better luck next time.


And that'll do it for the links. Well for today at least. They'll be back tomorrow. Promise.