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Thursday links: Budgeting for single-game tickets edition

My goal is to make it to at least one Blues game this season.

Blues news

  • Single-game tickets go on sale Saturday. [Blues]
  • Alex Steen knows how important kids are, that's why he's helping out the North End Hockey Program.[CJOB 68]
  • The Rivermen have a new COO. [PJ Star]

Hockey news

  • The Maple Leafs can't score goals. Or can they? No. But they do have a pretty chart. [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • Want to know why the Blue Jackets haven't been very good? No it's not because they're Rick Nash and the cast of rejects, it's about the conditioning. [The Cannon]
  • PK Subban is ready to kick ass in 2010-11. [TSN]
  • Fernando Pisani is the newest member of the Chicago Blackhawks. [TSN]
  • Tom Hicks once paid Alex Rodriguez $252 million dollars over 10 years to play baseball. In a related story, Hicks is selling the Dallas Stars for $275 million. [TSN]
  • The NHL is trying out some rules. TSN weighs in. [TSN]

Other news

  • DanGNR has today's helpful tip: Save gas mileage by completely changing your driving style. [Hypermiling]
  • Here's a video DanGNR wanted to share as well. [YouTube]
  • This is trippy, but cool. [PlasmaTree]
  • KFC may be making a skin sandwich. They're just messing with us all now. [Geekologie]
  • Slowing down songs makes even shitty songs sound cool. Personally, I love the John Cage version. [Geekosystem]


I don't know what it says about him, or us, but Washoo thinks this song is perfect for Game Time. Ladies and gents, an ode to Ray Bradbury. The lyrics are profane, fyi.


See you tomorrow?