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Monday links: Will the offseason ever end edition?

Just when I got used to it being the 7th month, here comes August. Where has the year gone?

Blues news

Not a thing. Not a promotion schedule, not a trade, not a signing. All is quite down Brett Hull Way.

Hockey news

Other links

  • A bucket list is a list (duh) of things a person wants to do before the die. The Fuck-It List is a list (duh) a things this person doesn't care to do before they die. It's easier to set goals you know you'll achieve. [The Fuck-It List]
  • CAPTCHA's, those odd words you have to type to prove you're not a spammer, have become an inspiration to a few artists.[CAPTCHArt]
  • Don't have a favorite parasitic flatworm? Read this and you will. [The Oatmeal]


From DJ: Fart jokes are always funny.

From Dan: Animal week may be over but we can still enjoy a song the references an animal. Wait it's not about an animal ...


Maybe some more stuff later — who knows. Just check back early and often.