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You know what, Friday? F-You too.

Just because no one really gets off easy on F-You Friday, even the most-loved day of the week has to catch some shit today.

1. Fuck you Friday. Just because. Acting all high and mighty because idiots want to say stupid shit like "Thank god it's Friday!" and "Sometimes it feels like four Mondays in row, but Friday is always awesome!" You know what, sometimes Fridays blow goats too. Next person that says TGIF is getting a literacola all over their freaking head.

2. Fuck you promises. Yes, I promised to have a reader-submitted F-You this week. And I promised to let you know how to submit it sometime this week. Promises, kiddies, are for genies. I forgot. Either that or I was still recovering from last saturday's hi-jinks. I'm not sure which. And while promises are only as good as the moment they are issued, I'm pretty sure I promise to make sure I get the info out next week.

For reals.

3. Fuck you Blues. Nah, I'm not really feeling it. Just trying to go all Brad Lee for a minute there. I am sick of waiting for something, anything even halfway related to professional hockey to start happening. Maybe to kill some time we should do a local Media Bracket or something. Maybe I'll see if Bradley Leigh Lee wants to get involved with that....