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Saturday Links: Single game ticket sales put us one step closer to hockey season edition

It may only be August, but the start of single game ticket sales always sends a clear signal that it's getting closer and closer to the start of hockey. It's not too different from seeing that first "Back to School Sale" advertisement, except that hockey is something we can all agree on. OK, bad analogy there.

Blues News:

  • Just in case you didn't know already, single game tickets are on sale at 10AM exclusively at the Drinkscotch box office
  • And if you're going to make it to one game, why not make it the season opener? 1) It's the season opener. 2) Pre-game unveiling of Brett Hull (Oh, please showcase the younger mulleted Hull!!) statue. 3) Return of former Blues Chris Pronger, Matt Walker, and Ian Laperriere along with one of my favorite non-Blues, Mike LEADERSHIP!!!one!! Richards. 4) And perhaps most of all, the biggest off-season acquisition, twineminder Jaroslav Halak, makes his Blues debut.

NHL News:

Other Stuff:


Haveblue sends along an Inception parody that makes the grade for Game Time.

"Inebriation." This already takes me back to that tall boy Schlitz that somehow found its way into my hand at Gallagher's.

If you made the trek downtown to pick up some tickets, let us know how you fared.

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