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Sunday Links/Open Thread: The escalator is finally fixed edition

You read that title right. Let the trumpets echo the splendor of the renewed convenience in reaching the upper levels.

Blues News:

  • I made it a point to get an answer on the escalator when I went to Scottrade to procure two tickets to the season opener. Yes, Virginia, there is a fully functional escalator. (No link, but it's newsworthy anyhow)

NHL News:

Other Stuff:


Musics. First, continuing the ever-present theme of "drunk" here at GT.

"Beer" by Reel Big Fish

Prospect Department enjoys him some Amy Lee from Evanescence and sent this in, accordingly.

Open Thread Topic:

If you had the option to punch one person in the face for doing harm (of any sort) to the Blues, who would it be?

For my money, it's Steve Yzerman. Fucker ruined the rest of 1996 for me.

Make your arguments for Bill Laurie and others in the comments. Feel free to include your plans to celebrate the repaired escalator.

Fact: Averagejoe returns for the weekday mayhem of links starting tomorrow. Send him stuff or he...meh, do whatever you want.

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