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Monday links: Nothing but music edition

I'm pretty busy this week — fall sports start and I have an entire preview edition to produce — so the links may be sparse this week. Don't like it? I'm sorry. (Not really).

Today, nothing is going on so you get some videos. Enjoy some catchy tunes to get you through the Monday's.

Oh and our open thread topic for today: Brett Hull is getting a statue outside the arena. What Blues player from the past should get the statue treatment next?


This song blew up this weekend. I first heard it on Friday morning, and then I saw it everywhere. It's a catchy tune — so much so that haveblue and Washoo passed it along. Lyrics, shockingly, are not safe for work.

Our second video is just as insane. Ol Dirty Bastard (RIP) singing Buttercup? Yes, please.