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Tuesday links: Brother can you spare a dime edition

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The Blues are still looking for a No. 1 investor. If everyone here pitches in, say, a million bucks we can buy in. Who's with me? They'll take a post-dated check, right?

Blues news

  • TowerBrook still wants out, the Blues still haven't found a replacement. TowerBrook wants a divorce, the Blues still want to stay in the house with the big TV. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
  • Philip McRae, 20, might be the Blues top forward prospect.The Blues need more forward prospects. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
  • Killa Cam Janssen is using Twitter to set up fights. He's the best. [Puck Daddy]
  • PCS has a found a new Jaroslav Halak shirt. You know, my birthday is Friday ...[CafePress]

  • You wanna know who is a really good defensive forward and not overrated like Pavel Datsyuk? Silent Jay McClement. (Hat tip to Dan). [The Copper and Blue]

Hockey news

  • Ducks winger Joffrey Lupul has a funny name and a blood infection. One of those things will keep him out of camp. [TSN]
  • The World Hockey Summit began Monday in Toronto. [TSN]
  • Cristobal Huet is going to Sweden Switzerland. [TSN]
  • Dallas wasn't very good on the power play, so how do they get better. Not putting 900-year-old Mike Modano out there should help. [Defending Big D]
  • Philly loves its bloggers. [Broad Street Hockey]
  • SBNation's world hockey guy Bruce Peter talks international pucks. [From the Rink]

Other links

  • Pregnant? Know someone who is? Here's some tips. [theCHIVE]
  • Owls don't do well the day after getting wasted. [Hungover Owls]
  • This is pretty incredible. This website chronicled the last 30 years of hip-hop and made 30 different mixtapes of the top songs from each year. I think I'd need a new iPod just for this. [The Rub]
  • Eazy-E mashed with Johnny Cash is as awesome as it sounds. [Don't go outside]
  • Relive the 90s with a collection of the 50 best music videos of the decade. [Pitchfork]


From Spectr, this is fake, but also pretty cool.

Have a good Tuesday. Maybe Hildy will stop by ... if you're good. gametimelinks(at)