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Thursday links: Burning the midnight oil edition

Just got home for a 12-hour workday. Got another tomorrow. Yay? But at least I have internet back. Let's get to the links so I can get to bed ... or rather get back to writing.

Blues news

  • Jeremy Rutherford be chattin'. [JR Live]
  • The Blues' summer workouts are a lot different without Keith Tkachuk. For example, more donuts left after practice.[Morning Skate]
  • The Rivermen has a schedule for 2010-11. Isn't that nice? [PJ Star]

Hockey news

Other links

  • Carnie passes along this Wiki page of a "list of helicopter prison escapes." I'm not sure why, she sent it, but I enjoyed it. [Wikipedia]
  • Using stuff for reasons they are intended for is the American thing to do. [Museum of Unintended Use]
  • Skateboard decks may not seem like a place of high art, but these are really cool and well done. []
  • Some random dude goes around fixing pinball machines. He has a blog. [Pinball Ninja]


What if booze turned you into a zombie? My sleeping habits wouldn't change much.


Adios, amigos. Until Friday.