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Saturday links: Calling the lefty from the bullpen edition

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Poor College Student is AGAIN spending the weekend in the Ozarks. So instead, you folks get me. Sorry. Also sorry for no F-U Friday. Air your grievances here if you need to vent.

Blues news

  • Over at SB Nation St. Louis, I wrote about Erik Johnson. [SBNSTL]

Hockey news

  • A bankruptcy court has approved the sale of 'Boots' Del Biaggo's stake in the Predators.[On the Forecheck]
  • Maxim Afinogenov is crossing the pond and going to the KHL. [TSN]
  • Chris Chelios, 90, has decided to retire and take a job with the Wings. [TSN]
  • Charlie must've broke out the duck call again because the old gang may be getting together. Teemu Selanne is coming back for Anaheim and may bring Paul Kariya with him. [TSN]
  • For some reason, Martin Gerber is coming back to the NHL. I don't know why either, but Edmonton wants him. [TSN]
  • John Madden, the shirtless defensive forward formerly of Chicago, has signed with the Wilds. [TSN]

Other links

  • Your best excuse for skipping work are probably not as good as this guys. [27bslash6]
  • Trying to imagine that Family Circus doesn't suck seems impossible, but this guy tries to make the worst cartoon ever actually funny. [Cracked]
  • People that use iPhones send the best text messages. At least once a week, NatetheGreat texts me something and I have to spend a few minutes guessing what he was actually trying to say. [iPhuckups.]


Here's a pointless story: In high school, my friend Chris inherited his older brother's car and a CD. That CD was Master P. When we would drive around like 16-year-old kids do, we would play that terrible, terrible record. It was awful. Yesterday I heard our "favorite" track and it's been stuck in my head since. So I'm sharing it with you all. Enjoy -— but you won't because it sucks. 

From Luvhockey: Some animals hit up a tree that produces some booze.

I'll be back for tomorrow. gametimelinks(at)