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Sunday links: Vacation edition

Let's do this so I can hit the road and go home.

Blues news

  • Here's an article about Bill Armstrong, the Blues' new scouting director, that I didn't link to earlier in the week. That's about it for Blues news. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]

Hockey news

  • Nothing of note is going on. Seriously.

Other links

  • From Healthy Scratch: A collection of clever index cards. [Indexed]
  • From uiwwildthing: After reading this headline (Man accused of squirting semen on shoppers at 2 Md. stores) I never want to go to Baltimore. Ever. [Baltimore Sun]
  • Want kids to be safe? Scare the hell out of them. Fear is a great teaching tool. If you have a one-armed friend, that helps, too. []


For the first time as an adult, I'm taking some time off from work. All next week I don't have to go into the office, and I can not fucking wait. A whole week off work. I hope I have so much fucking fun I need plastic surgery to remove my smile. I was going to put The Go-Go's "Vacation" here, but the embedding was disabled on YouTube. So it was either Young Jeezy or Simple Plan. I went with Jeezy.

Today's second video comes from Spectr17 and pretty much sums up my feelings about laundry.

  Somehow, someway I'll do the links tomorrow. Toodles, friends.