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Player Interview : Max Gardiner

Max adds some size, grit, and scoring ability to the Blues prospect pool.
Max adds some size, grit, and scoring ability to the Blues prospect pool.

I've been chatting with Max Gardiner online and I figured why not let the fans know a bit more about what the Blues got with their 74th pick in the 2010 NHL entry draft.

St. Louis Game Time : Going into the season at Minnetonka, what were your expectations going into the season.

Max Gardiner : I was expecting to be a top guy and a guy that was going to help lead the team. I was also expecting a state championship, which we fell just short of.


STLGT :  Was it this season that it hit you that you could actually be drafted into the NHL or was it before?

MG : Well, I saw my brother go through the process and that's when i made it a goal of mine. I had a few interviews before the season and figured I probably had a chance at getting drafted.

STLGT : How do you feel about how your season went at Minnetonka? What are your highs and lows?

MG : I felt good about how I played up until I broke my wrist. That was definitely a low of my season. It was tough sitting out those 8 games. I also had mono when i got hurt so that was tough. I felt good when I came back and winning the section tournament was an all time high for me. Losing the state championship game was definitely tough too.

STLGT :  Headed into the draft, what were the feelings you had when you sat there and waited for your named to be called?

MG : I was pretty nervous but i knew that it was all out of my control at that point so i just tried to sit there and relax and take in the great experience.

STLGT : When the Blues called your name in the third round, what were the emotions going through you at the time?

MG : It was pretty amazing. It felt great to be selected by a great organization that already has some very good Minnesota kids in the lineup.

STLGT : Standing at 6'3", 180lbs, you're a fairly big boy. How do you use that size to your advantage?

MG : I try to use my body to my advantage when im protecting the puck and driving the net. I am also trying to become a little more physical which will help having the size that I have.

STLGT :  You've committed to the Golden Gophers next season, what was the decision behind that?

MG : I grew up watching the Gophers and always dreamed of being a Gopher. They have a great program there and I'm really excited to be a part of the tradition there.

STLGT :  I have to ask this to most of the players I interview, if you weren't playing hockey, what would you be doing?

MG : I would probably try to play golf as much as I could. I love to play golf in my free time and would still want to be involved in sports.


I thank Max for taking the time out to answer these questions. He helped give the fans a better look inside the life of an NHL prospect. Here is to hoping that Max can develop as well as our other Minnesota boys have as well.. Oh, and as a North Dakota fan, I'll put my pride aside and root for Max, as long as he's not playing the Sioux.

Stay tuned because St. Louis Game Time is currently chatting it up with Blues goalie prospect from Clarkson University, Paul Karpowich.