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No Poll, But a Late Night Video

You know how sometimes when you're a kid and dad decides to trust you and let you have free access to the keys to the car? And you're all like, "It's important that I reward his trust by being responsible." And then you get a call from that one buddy of yours who has mostly bad ideas but a shitload of great stories. And all of a sudden you are betraying dad's trust and you're out on some back-country road ripping the fuck out of dad's car at a speed that he clearly would consider to be neither responsible nor trustworthy?

Sometimes I just want to post a video out of my YouTube favorites on this site just because I can. This is neither responsible nor prudent. Nor is it likely to maximize my SEO and generate hits for my site or network that are new and/or marketable.

So fucking what.

Mash-ups are weird and most of the time I can't even tell if they're good or I'm just impressed that someone managed to make them work on some level. But I do know that Paradise City is one of the world's perfect songs (it has a whistle in it!) and that the Beatles had a pretty good run themselves (though I don't remember any whistles in their songs that signal the impending charge of rock nastiness).

Either way, I just made sure I closed the back door quietly, rolled the car out of the drive way in neutral and am on the way to my bad-idea buddy's house.

Here's your video.