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Saturday Links: "A" is for Steen (among others) Edition

The whole "A" means "Alternate" and not "Assistant" Captain argument doesn't mean a whole lot anymore. Both are used interchangeably. I was raised on "Alternate" but if it doesn't change one damn thing about the responsibilities of those bearing the "A," does it really matter? I think not.

Blues News:

  • Letters were issued the other day. You know this by now. All hail Glorious Leaders Brewer, Jackman, Backes, Johnson, and Steen!

NHL News:

Other Stuff:


Baroose (via Kyrilin) has our hockey fix to tide us over until the real thing hits.

I've got a couple other links on ice for tomorrow so make sure you check out what the other GT regulars sent in.

Gametimelinks (at)

9/11/01. Just take a minute and appreciate what you have and what others have gone through and/or sacrificed to preserve that.