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Tuesday links: The Tuesday links edition

I'm exhausted as I compile these links. There should be a law against working hard on Mondays.

Blues news

  • Stefan Della Rovere, you know the warm body acquired from the Capitals for D.J. King, calls himself Sean Avery-like. [Morning Skate]

Hockey news

  • Devils' fans respond to getting punished. [In Lou We Trust]
  • The New Jersey Devils get justice, Blues style. For trying to cheat the cap, the Devils are losing $3 millino dollars, a 2011 third-round pick and a first-round choice in one of the next four drafts. [TSN]
  • Sheldon Souray doesn't have to go to camp. Yay! Wait, it's NOT a good thing. Oh. Sorry, Sheldon. [TSN]
  • Roberto Luongo is no longer the captain of the Canucks. [TSN]
  • Who should be the Canucks captain. My choice is Pavel Bure. [Nucks Misconduct]
  • The dude in this awesome photo, Kirill Kabanov, is apparently troubled. He sure looks happy to me. [TSN]

Other links

  • A man named Trevor says he is constantly mistaken for Barack Obama. The resemblance is scary. [I Look Like Barack Obama]
  • Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of Mario. Here's how he, and others, got their names. []
  • If you're gonna knock off a product, it's best to have a funny name. [Manofest]


The last six seconds of this video are awesome.

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