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Wednesday links: Two days to training camp edition

I'm tired of waiting for the season to start. Let's get going.

Blues news

  • Andy McDonald is a center. David Backes is a right winger. Andy Murray didn't think was true. Davis Payne does, thus, the duo will be playing their natural positions this season. It's nice to see common sense win out. [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
  • Blues training camp begins Friday. Can't. Freaking. Wait. [Blues]

Hockey news

  • Bobby Ryan is staying in Anaheim, just like I said he would. [TSN]
  • Erik Johnson congratulates his Team USA mate (Ryan) on his new deal. EJ is a funny dude. [erikjohnson6]
  • Bill Guerin doesn't have 500 goals? Damn dude. Pierre Turgeon got 500, and he didn't play until he was 40. Oh ... Billy G is trying to make the Flyers. [TSN]
  • The NHL will not factor in shootout wins when determining tiebreakers. Then what's the point of having them? [TSN]
  • Some folks are already looking ahead to the 2011 draft. Seriously? Can't they at least wait until the season starts before they begin guessing at what players are good? [TSN]
  • Eric Belanger is going to Phoenix. [TSN]
  • SB Nation has some power rankings based on hype and gut feelings. Fool proof. [SB Nation]
  • The Blue Jackets will be celebrating 10 years, will the fans? [The Cannon]

Other links

  • From Matt: A brutal drummer seeks a bruatl guitarist. He's not fucking around. As Matt says: "Blues should re-write this to look for a BRUTAL FORWARD!" [Popehat]
  • Father of the Year Candidate uses firearms to motivate his kid, has awesome tan. [SB Nation]
  • Pee Cola and some other unfortunately named products can be found here. [Rude Food Names]


Maverides passes along an old video, but a good one. No. 1 Blues fan Jon Hamm dons a bald cap to portray Lex Luthor. Enjoy.

I'm done for today. Adios.